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A little about how to use this site. This page is my “home page” it has links to many of my different sites…take a poke around and see if you find anything interesting. Come back here often to explore more of my worlds. I am adding new sites regularly. And even adding to my poetry and tales of adventure¬†every now and then…as the adventures occur. I’ll usually have my newest and latest most exciting site right at the top…so, come on join me on an adventure…

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Digging Grape Agates in Indonesia with the locals


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I’m a treasure hunter by trade. I travel the globe in search of cool treasures.

Sometimes I work with master crafters in local villages to create new treasures.

Sometimes I find new, never before seen minerals, or long forgotten rock and roll memorabilia.

I like all kinds of stuff, so you’ll find all kinds of stuff here that you can buy.

My name comes from the Chinese philosophy of Taoism.

P’u is the Chinese character for “the uncarved block”

Tzu is the character for child.

Being that Taoism is the origination of the yin yang, Tzu has also come to mean master.

I do not picture myself as a master of anything.

I am but a child constantly changing on my way to becoming a master of Taoism and life itself.

The master knows that he knows nothing…

When one follows the correct path, life will unfold with the mystery and beauty of a thousand petaled lotus blossom.