A few years later on down the road,

thinking to myself I’ve been carrying a heavy load;

wondering where this life is leading me. 

Knowing where it’s going is where I’m bound to be,

standing right beside you all my years. 

Through the good times the bad times the laughter and the tears;

knowing this old life will carry on. 

Telling all our stories. Singing them in songs;

like we sail out on the ocean deep n blue. 

Know I’ll always love you and You love me too. 

I’ll be Climbing every mountain steep and high,

searching for that rainbow reflected in your eyes. 

Time has sure taken its toll on us. 

Driving down the highway in an old VW bus

Living a life that’s oh so sweet and true. 

As we gaze out into the Wild blue

yonder where ya know we long to roam

round this old world we call our home. 

Ya know one day I’ll be dead and gone. 

I know it might be hard but you must carry on. 

Cause I’ll be right beside you all your days. 

Lovin’ you in oh so many ways. 

Now you’ve heard the song I sing for you

And I don’t guess there’s nothing left to do. 

But smile smile smile

            🙂 🙂 🙂

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