Passage from Praha

Once I was lonely, once I was lost

I went out searchin for somethin’ in the snow and the frost.

The snow it did fall, and the wind it did howl.

I found my way through but i don’t know quite how.


I came to a mountain that was too steep to climb,

sat at the bottom with a bottle of wine.

The wine it was sweet and the wine it was strong.

I drank it all night, and then I wrote down this song.


Once in a lifetime, I’d find some one like you.

Our hearts beat in rythm with a love that is true.

A love that’ll grow with us all through our years,

through the good times, the bad times, the laughter, the tears.


Now that I’ve found you, my life’s so complete.

Once down in the gutter, now I’m up on my feet.

I have to give thanks to the stars up above

that shone down upon me and brought me your love……


Drivin down the highway on this road that we call time.

Wonderin where I’m bound to go, tryin not to loose my mind

Watchin the sun rise and set each and every day.

Knowin it’ll all work out, yeah it’ll be okay.


Floatin down the river on this ship that we call life.

Not knowin where I’m bound today, or where I’ll sleep tonight.

Life keeps gettin harder, there ain’t no easy way.

What doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger, that’s what I got to say.




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